Echo Music Nurturing Creativity


As the music scene constantly evolves and fluctuates, changing with ‘the times', with the way we consume music and with the tsunami-like growth of the digital world, ‘live’ music is struggling to keep it’s head above the water. Pair this with the constant increase to rent for venues and its is quite a miracle that there is anyone still considering a career down this treacherous path. Yet, there is nothing better the being at a live gig, feeling the love and appreciation in one room between like-minded strangers and being able to say, ‘I was there’.

Over the last few years the live music scene in Cardiff has had its fair share of ups and downs and there’s no set in 2019 either. New venues and nights have opened up, whilst others have faded into the history books. This has had an atttrional effect on many musicians, bands, genres, and promoters across the capital, especially the ever-growing jazz scene.

Thus Echo Music was born.

Echo Music is a jazz brand. It was established as a go-to hub for the local jazz audience in Cardiff, serving also as a link to the wider UK jazz community. Through website and social media-based promotion, it aims to nurture the existing scene and organise many more opportunities for the local community.

Through the use of an online blog, it is here to bring you the best gig reviews, artist interviews and articles about the local jazz scene and the global jazz news.

There is a huge world of incredible artists out there. Many are renowned and revered as true musical geniuses, inspiring audiences wherever they go. We intend to forge new relationships and build upon old ones, with the goal of bringing these musicians to Cardiff for concerts and workshops.


To many, jazz is a style of music associated with the past.

Yet born in the 20th Century, it is still relatively young.

The artistic creativity and core values within jazz are extremely relevant in society today. One of the most attractive aspects of jazz is social nature of the music.  It celebrates diversity, communication and community.

Sharing knowledge with the next generation of musicians is a huge part of any artists career, whether through one-to-one teaching, workshops or just passing down stories. With this is mind, Echo have begun to develop a series of workshops and teaching methods to provide those who are willing with the skills to take there playing to the next level.

The only way live music can survive is with input from all aspects of the scene. We are open to all suggestions from fans, musicians and anyone who feels they could contribute to the development of the website, the local jazz scene and beyond.


As always, a big thank you to all you fans of jazz, live music and live entertainment. Your continued support of local artists helps many of them realise their dreams, develop new projects and bring to you a never-ending source of new music and entertainment. 

As a company we are at the beginning of our journey and are extremely excited at what the future holds. With many more events and plans soon to be announced, we look forward to sharing our vision for the future of jazz in Cardiff with you.

Joe Northwood

Based in Cardiff, Joe is at the forefront of a new wave of Jazz talent emerging from Wales. Having performed in numerous venues and festivals in the UK and abroad, Joe has gathered a great deal of experience to establish an ever growing career.

Joe was fortunate enough attend the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and be taught by some of the UK’s leading jazz musicians, including Iain Ballamy, Geoff Simkins, Keith Tippett, Huw Warren, Martin France, Steve Waterman and Martin Speake.

In 2011, Joe was privileged enough to receive some tuition from Mark Turner, George Garzone, Rick Margitza, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jeff Ballard and Larry Grenadier at Tuscia Jazz Festival. In 2015 he participated in the Siena Jazz Summer School, receiving tuition from Walter Smith III, Ben Wendel, Dave Binney, Mark Guiliana, Avashai Cohen and Drew Gress, culminating in the award of a scholarship to return the following year.

Since beginning the saxophone at the age of 12 years, Joe has had the opportunity to play as part of many great bands, big and small.  He has constantly been developing his individual style in small ensembles, as a leader or sideman, across the the UK and Internationally, since the age of 16. Highlights include playing at Brecon International Jazz Festival (Wales), and a Welsh Government funded tour to China.

With guitarist Stuart Power, Joe helped establish a jazz promotion group, The Jazz Gallery in 2011, hosting weekly events and jam sessions.

As well as small groups, playing amongst larger ensembles has always been an essential part to Joe’s development as a musician, including playing for BBC NOW Big Band in 2012. As a member Veritas Orchestra Joe had the opportunity to perform Julian Joseph’s The Great Sage and in 2006 when working with the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain Joe took part in a 5* show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival .

Joe is also a keen educator, teaching privately and is currently holding the Jazz Saxophone Tutor post at the Junior Conservatoire of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.